Sunday, November 30, 2008

I rang an elf in Alaska

I rang Alaska i really did,well i was impressed.I mean do you know anyone who has rang Alaska cause i sure don't.I mean do you know anyone that even knows anyone in Alaska ? Okay i apologize ot all you Alaskans who i found out don't all live in igloos and guess what they have houses and they decorate and they have Internet and also a huge craft store named Michael's and some of them actually do craft.Umm i guess what i am saying is since Laurie joined Prettychic i found out that Alaskans are pretty much like you and me (but a whole lot colder).I also found out that yeah they do have to go to school and work and do the chores when the long dark winter days come.I have learned that moose can be very stubborn.That bears can hurt your friends.That yes it can be 40 below and you can still live (not always happily)
Umm i learned if someone or something dies you hope its in summer so you can bury it.As you cant dig ground thats frozen solid.I learned taht even in Alaska neighbourrcan be from hell.That keeping warm is hard work chopping wood loading wood ,carting wood.That the northern lights are magical.
That snow mobiling is fun.That there is more than one North Pole.And i have learned that friendship and kindred spirits can be found no matter where in the world they reside and that the colder the climate sometimes the warmer the heart.
And the last thing i have learnt is that sometimes email isn't enough.
Look at the wondrous swap Laurie sent me too too much.Everything was exactly me her and petah and linda all know me well.

I did a blog post once on how bunting made me happy,cause it does you cant be sad looking at bunting.Laurie made me gorgous bunting its going up soon and yes it made me happy.She knows i have a penchant for bluebirds along with my sister (laurie i am sharing just one with her lol) So you can see now why i had to ring.
Her daughter answered the phone and i said its Jullie from Australia thankyou for my peg butterfly (she made me a gorgeous butterfly with painted wings and a peg middle)
she said is it really,Laurie and i talked for half an hour laughing talking at the same time,i knew she grew up in Texas and then moved to Alaska after being married,but know what i never thought of her having an accent.of course i don't have one myself,im an Aussie.I treasure my friendship with Laurie she is my very own pocket sized Alaskan,i just want to keep her in my pocket she really is an elf.I have suspected it for a while now.I think she is in Santa's witness protection program so please don't tell anyone!


Sue said...

Wow Jules you have been busy! How wonderful to talk to someone in Alaska, and for half an hour! You received some wonderful things, I love the bunting, I have been busy making some myself!Enjoy or your new specials!

Laurie said...

Your post made me cry. I have just come from church and the deepest anger and hurt. I'll explain later but I needed to hear/read those words. Thank you. I love our friendship so much and I would be so lost without you to talk/email to. I am so glad you loved your swap. I loved mine too!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Amzing! Beautiful ,Gorgeous goodies and post!
Lucky you .
I too knew very little bout Alaska...
It sounds alittle magical too,eh?

Spotted Sparrow said...

You've been tagged! Please check out my blog if you'd like to play:

nbeltane said...

PC's little Alaskan Elf is indeed a very special treasure who we all love and adore. And she so gets you Jules..