Thursday, December 13, 2007

Glitter Tales

Yes its sad for Neil my glitter hating husband
but i am addicted to glitter as you would know.
German glass glitter to be exact.I dream of it i love it
and it makes so much mess its horrendous.But it has magical powers
here are some of my recent swaps for swapbot i did.the button fairies are so much fun,
I came up with the snowman signs myself arent they sweet ?I also like to present things nicely so i made the little button fairy folders to send them in.
the Atc cards were for a tag or letter in a pocket.i did Little boys pockets
hold lots of stuff and even made tiny slingshots,having four sons i cant tell you how
many of them i have confiscated over the years. Also include is alex relaxing on the lounge (a seriously weird child)thats his feet behind his head.
Also i have been making beaded tassels taught me by my old friend Carmen a sweetheart,thanks Carmen.Lastly a Valentines daY TIP IN.
Thats it and i have had hardly an sleep but lots of ideas,too many in fact.
Sometimes i wish i was Normal.


Our Prim Nest said...

LOVE the snowmen on a stick. Super cute idea. Have a great weekend.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

hi jullie! i'm finally back =) i adore those little button fairies that you made!!!!! do you sell them? i NEED one - lol! merry, merry christmas, debbie


you are one clever lil chickie arent you...well so is Alex for that matter...was he comfortable??LOL.
how funny.


Laurie said...

Cute stuff! Holy moly he's limber. That hurt me just seeing him like that and I was a gymnast!!


Anonymous said...

Such lovely things and the house looks magnificent! Ooo, what Alex is doing makes me hurt, too. Yikes!

DJ from Swap-bot