Monday, August 11, 2014


Today on the way back from visiting my son Matt at Queanbeyan we took a little detour to visit the tiny town of Collector population four hundred and something,i adore these little towns steeped in history with their old pubs and churches.Besides what collector could resist a town named Collector. As soon as we arrived we were startled by this unusual and beautiful sculpture,I rather think of it as a folly myself but it certainly was mysterious and magical.It has a medieval feel to it and standing there you see hands and a reclining figure are sculpted into the wall. Apparently there's a demolition order out for it that has been an ongoing fight since 1997 when the sculpture was built as a testament to the artists fathers life It is made of concrete and chicken wire  and i cant ,help feeling its a shame that everyone wants everything all neat and tidy and approved.i doubt Stonehenge would meet council approval these days, I'm glad i saw it im glad i detoured off to the road less traveled.It was a little discovery !

Collector itself
is a tiny town and i am thinking that many collectors live there too.
Old houses and two churches  a pub of course this is Australia.we are talking about. i love these little country towns,,


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