Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have lived here in this city in the country now for six months. people laughed when i moved  here and said it was the end of the world .So forever in my heart Goulburn remains worlds end and i love it.Yes even the cold winter which is over next week. i have always been a country girl at heart i don't like big cities they don't feel real to me.I loved the blue mountains and still do but for now i am happy here in Australia's  first inland city that is really a big country town, I love the wide wide street and the not so hurry hurry attitude,i love the fact there's only one train to Canberra and you get your ticket from the man at the counter not a machine. i love the fact a fire is roaring in the railway waiting room,i love that when i am a bit low i can just drive the town and find the sweetest little houses and huge mansions that make me smile, Since the first night in my crooked dear little cottage i have felt at home and at peace and that my friends is why i love worlds end.



Sue M said...

So pleased you have settled in so well. The old buildings are gorgeous, and I would also love a roaring fire in the waiting room at the station!
I hope I can get down there one day when Im not so busy.I have friends who bought a property down that way, but working weekends makes it hard to go anywhere to see anyone.
I hope alex has made it his home too. xx

Carmen said...

And you my friend deserve all the happiness and the best of new adventures @ Worlds End! Xx

Keke said...

Sigh..... So happy for you. What a beautiful place.I too need to find my worlds end here... I am definatily a country girl and want so badly to have a beautiful quite place for my kids to grow up. I am so tired of the hurry hurry and its so hard to find the kind polite people in our city. I am so HAPPY for you you do deserve it!!!!

Keke said...

Oops i didnt relize my mum was sigened in Jules ... previous comment was from me. XOXO Kimberly

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