Friday, July 29, 2011

My son the Cook and Magician

I have two sons that like to cook Matthew the eldest loves to make difficult things and even made the masterchef V8 cake once.He sent me a pic of this the other day and said mum what do you think

To be honest I thought the burger a little messy but it looked yummy
 I actually thought he made the masterchef hamburger and chips,being a crafter i was very impressed with the chip cone ,Then he surprised me by saying on skype where we were typing each other
one word CUPCAKES i thought whats he talking about ! Then he said mum they are cupcakes
he made a tray of each for a birthday at work. See he is a magician not a cook.
i like to think the creativity came from me hehe. Ingenius dont you think.
How clever these are puff pastry with icing sugar in newspaper cones

These are vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cake meat and shredded coconut lettuce

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Tiili said...

He is so clever, you must have taught him very well