Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heart of my heart-blood of my blood

Heart of my heart
yesterday when you were small
leaving hand prints on the wall,
Bringing drama to my life
always into lots of strife,
Showing all your dimpled charm
any trouble to disarm.
Now a baby yours to come
this time i am not the mum',
A nan or gran this time to be,
No one is happier than me !
I loved you all before we met
before the first nappy wet.
I knew then as now forever more
more than life i loved you four.
Already i feel the clenching start
of tiny hands upon my heart.

congratulations to my son Timothy and his wife Megan who is due in January 2012
7th generation Australian-with Maltese and Dutch blood mixed to perfection.


vivian said...

aww! congratulatons! I have a new grandbaby due in jan also! what fun!

Marilyn said... precious... I love being a nanna... congratulations!!!

Junk-it Junction... said...

Ok, Jules, have you started shopping already?? Im sure you have! Will catch up very soon!

Glenda said...

congrates to u and your family, what an awesome ya glenda

Linda J. said...

Julie I am so thrilled for you and share the excitement of a new baby for your family.

Wishing and hoping for a trouble free pregnancy and an easy delivery - most of all wishing and hoping for a healthy baby.

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

I so love ultrasounds! Congrats! Hope all is well with Mum, Dad and Bub and you have my permission to spoill and indulge all 3 of them