Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Empty Boxes make my heart beat faster

Is it just me ?
tell me it isnt just me (well it isnt cause i have an Aunt who also loves boxes)
Like a three year old I often love the boxes better than the presents,
I cant seem to help myself i store them under my bed and in my closet.
Clear ones really excite me ! I know i know im a cheap date. Maybe its all that unexplored potential.I love to package things and i have sometimes
 made or bought things just to fit a certain box,Clear boxes are great for pretty presents
filled with  a gift surrounded by shredded tissue , rose petals,pot pourri or confetti they look
good enough to eat.
a simple paper tussie mussie (paper cone) that has been carefully placed in a clear box looks so sweet when filled with tiny treats.
Is that why i love that song little boxes on the hillside little boxes made of ticky tacky.unlike the song but my boxes never ever look the same.No i wasn't joking about the faster heart rate like a Good bargain at the op shop my heart will respond to a great empty box.So come on confess do you have a hidden stash of empty boxes

Above and below prime example a fabric hatbox purchased at the op shop for $2



Anonymous said...

I especially love candy boxes 'cause I am learning how to cover then with scrapbook paper!! I am doing pretty good!!
Hey...You can teach an old dog new tricks!!
Have A Great Day!!

Linda said...

Oh Julie - I am sure we are twins - I love and can't bear to part with any boxes that "just may be useful" "too cute to part with" "oh I can use that for" - but I don't - my collection just grows and it is genetic.,

My great grandmother loved boxed and when she died and the family were clearing out they found a wardrobe in a spare bedroom filled with - you guessed it EMPTY BOXES.

It is genetic I am certain because my elder daughter has the gene too - she loves boxes in all shapes and sizes.

I actually think it may be the "container" gene I have because I also love a different sort of container - "handbags."

Hope there are lots of lovely boxes in your days.

Love and hugs, Linda.

shabbypinkchick said...

Oh Linda if only you knew how much Jullie loves handbags too. she has some lovely vintage ones. I too confess to being a box hoarder. DH just got a birthday present in a box that opens like it has two doors - oh the possibilities!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh yes....and old tins too!!