Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yes Virginia i do believe !

I wanted to make my boys a special Christmas card this year. So i took a vintage photograph of three little boys and cloned another then added my boys heads and Santa hats- I'm liking it. Guess i miss those yearly Santa pics.I always miss them
now that they are mostly grown and have their own lives (and motor bike for one ugh don't get me started and God please protect him !)At Christmas though i miss them most.
I know i know its the way of things and as it should be but try telling that to my mother heart.Christmas morning SHOULD start at 5am and should contain noise and mess and yes even a little disappointment amidst the cavalcade and cacophony.These days however there is only Neil and i and Alex who at 16 does not think its cool to LIKE anything.Thank goodness for my sisters boys whom i love dearly and my little god daughter and her brother.Because you know what, YES VIRGINIA i do believe !


whymsicalmusings said...

Oh I am so sure your boys will LOVE this Fabulous!!! To much fun! Gets me into the holiday mood:)

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh I am so sure your boys will LOVE this Fabulous!!! To much fun! Gets me into the holiday mood:)

Kathy said...

So very cute, so nice to meet you....I am so happy you commented on my blog. About my eerie object, you are right...I should throw it in the "bin" that word.
I am enjoying your wonderful blog, and I want to jump right in the photos... beautiful!

vivian said...

Love the card. what a terrific idea! Wish I had the time to do something like that!
hae a great weekend.

Sue said...

The card idea is lovely!
I know where you are coming from, Im in the same position, though my eldest convinced me to put the tree up, and she is going to hang lights! I just cant get in the Chrissy mood, I want my babies back!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love it Jules!! So cute. And so right what you are saying!

Frippery said...

What a wonderful card. A treasure to keep. I know what you mean about missing the craziness of Christmas morning with little ones. This will be the first year that my son will spend Christmas morning at his own place and come home later in the day. Just us and our 18 year old daughter. It will be quiet. But that'sOK too. Another sort of joy. Know that there are other mom's out here who are with you in our hearts. Pam

Keke said...

Oh Jules, thank you so much for the "believe" package, all so beautiful and over the top! Thank you just is not are amazing and your love made sprinkles down my face... I know exactly what you are saying in this post, I'm sitting in the same boat beside you! I hope your day is better than blessed!
XO Keke

Amy said...

So so cute! I just love it!

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