Monday, August 31, 2009

In Memory of my Dad-a very good man

"And on the first day of spring
Love made him wings
and he flew away"
Four years since you said "Hello love"
Four years since i kissed your cheek and and answered hello Dad.
Four years and so many hours of missing you !
The tears are less but i think i shall miss you till im old and grey.
The songs you used to sing sometimes come into my head and out of my mouth.
Sometimes they make me laugh ,sometimes they make me cry.
I wouldnt have traded you for any other father on the planet.
No you were not perfect but you were perfect for me!
Welcome Spring and memories of you !


Mom of 2 Roses said...

Jullie that was so beautiful! Your dad was a very special man and you his lucky little girl!!
Love ya!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Jullie you express your thoughts so beautifully with your words. God bless you sweetie! Thinking of you.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ok Tears are a Flowin!
Beautiful honest post Jules...
Thinking of you,thinking of him....

nbeltane said...

beautiful post jules, you are in my thoughts today much love

Anonymous said...

What Beautiful thoughts of your Dad. You are a lucky lady to have these lovely memories.

Glenda said...

beautiful words Jules and sending you big fat hugs and thinking of you too my friend,.love ya Glenda

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful jullie.... i am so sorry you lost your wonderful father

love cecily

Amy said...

So sweet, Jules! It's hard to miss those we have lost.

(Crafting by Candlelight)

Linda said...

such beautiful words...thanks for sharing them...they brought both of my parents to mind this morning. Linda

Marilyn said...

This weekend when I am thinking of my dad..I will think of you too Jules! Marilyn xoxo

neca84 said...

Thank you for a lovely post Jullie, my Dad left this place 33 years ago in August and I still miss him so very very much, that never seems to fade. Thank you for such perfect words, he may not have been perfect but he was perfect to me.

Carol xxx