Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is a great bundle of Little Things

Recently I did a bedroom revamp,i was given the quilt by an aunt,i wanted the bedroom less fussy so i chose neutral uncluttered curtains,i have kept the colour scheme muted,palest pinks and cream and white against the whispy green walls.
i am pleased with the dreamlike atmosphere i created! mY love of words is evident everywhere with To sleep perchance to dream on the wall above the curtains,To the plaques that have meaningful quotations on them.

Cynthia my mannequin (who is quite a hussy but that's altogether another tale !)
holds my collection of vintage brooches and imitation pearls with grace.
She wears two old hats one of which i adorned with every flower i had hanging about.

I love these little bears (they have such a quiet dignified air) atop my dresser which is full of vintage finds collected over the years.

This plaque says "Life is a great bundle of little things"

This hanger is full of little things i love One of my sons christening petticoat,
an old paper collar and some vintage baby hangers ,Tags from Linda a good friend of mine who also supplied the two sweetest bluebirds in my craft room in the previous post.

Dont you love my quiet corner with its shabby cream framed faerie picture,the hanger that the vintage clothing is on was a vinnies towel rack.


Glenda said...

wow what a beautiful bedroom its like something you would see in a magazine,.I'm sooooooooooo jealous can you come do mine please.,,.pretty please,.lol.,love ya Glenda

Sue said...

It looks gorgeous, I especially love that big cupboard with the fabric doors....

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your bedroom looks so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Wow~what a pretty collection of wonderful goodies! Love it all :)