Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Radiotherapy and shakespeare

That's my mum, (the poppet on the left looking at the world through fierce sad eyes ,her childhood was harsh and left her with a determination to survive)This week she starts her radiotherapy, and i am glad she has that determination.she has had to endure a lot in her life and this is merely the latest challenge.She is like a little fighting hen
(my brother calls her chooky).Cancer for anyone i think is a lonesome road to travel but now that my Dad is gone its even lonelier for her.I feel for her but all i can do is what i have always done and that's be her daughter.She used to make us laugh as kids we would come home and call out her name and she was nowhere.We knew of course she was somewhere and so the hide and seek would begin until i would open my wardrobe and there was my mother waiting for the door to open so she could start quoting Shakespeare.She dusted the house to the sounds of Strauss.She did and does have long long dark hair that reached her bottom.Hence the reason when i had my sons she became their nanny longhair.Still a nut she would attend their birthday parties dressed as a giant Bee or some other wacky character.

Sometimes as kids we would be annoyed and say "Why cant we have a normal mother !" Years later i would hear my sons say the same about me as i did something goofy.The other week waiting to see a Dr regarding his aspergers and anxiety Alex was worried and grumpy so in the waiting room i tried to cheer him up.I said Alex i think its happening ,i think i can teleport like the guy in heros and i started to look weird.Now the waiting room was empty but alex was hissing at me stop being stupid mum.When we were in the Dr's he said to him what i had done and he said and i am the one seeing the psychiatrist .The Dr looked at me and i said yep i did do that i was trying to Cheer him up.The Dr said if you didn't like it Alex perhaps you should just ask politely for her to stop.I did says Alex she wouldn't.The Dr turned to me,ummm yes he did and no i wouldn't stop,I answer.The Dr made a hmmm noise and changed the subject.
Guess i am more like my mother than i realised.And no my children never had a normal mother just as i myself did not and of that i am most grateful/I myself feel Normal
is highly over rated and very boring.Something my mother NEVER was and still isn't.
Happy mothers day Mum and i know there are many many more abnormal ones to come !


vivian said...

Im sure my children can relate! but we sure do have fun!
I hope your sweet momma makes out well with her treatments.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your Mom...
Great Post!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Prayers lifed for your Mother Jules!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

It's no fun to be normal anyway!! ;)
Thoughts and prayers with your mom.

Sue said...

s there such a thing as normal?? My son called our family unique, I quite like that!
Best wishes to your mum at this time, she sounds like a strong, unique person!

Anonymous said...

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Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful post. You have so many creative and inspirational things going on in your blog space, had a great time visiting today.

onargyll said...

come share the asylum with me!!
Prayers for your mum
My beautiful and much loved friend

whymsicalmusings said...

Your Mother sounds wonderful to not worry about what others think and just be and have fun what a wonderful wonderful thing!
I will keep her in my prayers and you to as a daughter it will probably be hardest on you watching her go through this. I have been through it with my Mother and all came out well. I wish you the same happy recovery.
Also thank you for stopping by my blog what a wonderful place to make new friends:)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Thoughts and prayers with your Mother Jules. Please let me know how she is doing when you get a chance. Lots of love,

Peta said...

Hope the radiotherapy goes well Jules and she pulls through. She sounds like a character, just like you! She sounds like a fun mum! I like the Hero's thing you did. Did you do the constipated face? Peta xxx