Monday, October 6, 2008

Where do babies go ! Warning kind of whiny and nostalgic

I tell you where they go,they grow and grow and grow and then before you know it
there are no more fingerprints on the wall.No more toys on the floor.Those babies are gone and usually before you are quite finished them too.Oh they ring occasionally to ask if its going to kill them if they cook frozen steak,or as happened once they want the recipe for that white fluffy stuff you made them so many times (after much thinking this was mashed potatoes).They ring to ask if their eye is red will they be okay.or perhaps $20 to tide them till payday.But them babies are long gone and now you are just on standby.I have four sons and only one left at home and i miss my sons sooo much.I see them at times not often they all have lives and jobs and they forget to ring.But the time just flew in a wink and yesterday my eldest baby turned 28 and he is a man (but to me he is forever my Matty)So i guess there is a mothers mourning for what they were and the realisation that you have to accept that's what is meant to happen.But oh a mothers lot is hard ,to give birth and have to share what was once yours alone and then to love and hug and hurt for them to fight sometimes so hard for (and against them as they turn into teens) To congratulate yourself that you managed to keep them alive, Sometimes damaged often stitched but yes they survived and hey no one is more amazed than you!And then simply to let them go and become what ? A mother waiting for them to remember you love them more than anything in the world.I am glad my eldest has found a lovely
partner and that she is so good for him.I want that for my next two sons too and that they be happy.Matthew just got back from the United states its their second big trip and since i have never left Australia i was so happy for them.Oh i know this is a nostalgia post but hey at least once a year is acceptable I'm the mother of sons don't you know !So since i am being pathetic here is my Alex now 15 at about 2 and he was a little pixie.


Laurie said...

That was beautifully said Jules! You are welcome to come to my house in America any time! What a cute picture of Alex. It's so true what you said that yesterday they were babies and now they are all grown up. Being a mother is the hardest job ever!

LisaLaughs said...

Your post is so touching, Jules, as I have been thinking what it will be like when my babies are grown. Some days we need them to be potty trained and in school, but I have ot remember that I shouldn't wish too hard for that. We only get a little time with them for them to be our babies, and I am really trying to appreciate my Shadi and mama moments. Thanks for reminding us to cherish our babies!! Hugs to you and may God contiue to bless you and your sweet family!!!

Dolly said...

I hope someday you are a gramma to lots of lil princesses!

Any time you get the urge to do girly things...
come on over,
I have 3 grand daughters and I would love to share them with you Jules!

I tried to email you but it bounced back!
I agree.....girls call home way more then boys do!
Hubby says its because the girls are more needy!
I know our son lives a very busy life, he works 12 hours a day, has 3 lil ones and does the house work!
No time to call home!

Loved your post!
Its very true.....
And its ok to be whiny....we can do that we are moms!

Have a great week sweetpea!
Hugz, Dolly

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Awwww....Jules, bless your heart. I am just boohooing for you sweet friend. Being a mother is one of the toughest things isn't it? Seems we give so much, love so much, pray so much and just when you think that you can now relax a bit and just have fun with them they are grown and gone. But even though we know that is what a mother does, it sure does hurt sometimes to just be left alone to ourselves with no one to take care of. Alex's photo is just precious! Enjoy him while you still have him at home!! Big hugs sweet lady....

Sue said...

I do understand, and am still finding it hard to share my daughters' time with their boyfriends!Theyre never home now, and their boyfriends come first, it used to be me!!!What's going on?? I do all the hard work, and look what's happened! Im not letting my son out, he has to stay home, no girlfriend, no life!

Country Wishes said...

That was so sweet Jules, and I will say it again, you sure have a way with words..
I always tell my boys that "they will always be my babies", even when they are taller than me and have babies of their own.. They think thats funny..


Lorelle said...


I agree with what your saying Jullie but I read somewhere when another mum was saying the same sort things that another way of looking at it is that you did such a good job of making them into independant individuals that they dont need to be mothered as much anymore. That means you were sucessful at bringing your boys up to be strong and independant individuals. You did a really good job at parenting them and I'm sure they know how much they're loved. I have also been warned that they do come back to us in time and especially when they have their own children. Alex looks very cute in these photos just like he is now. Please tell Alex that Connor is looking forward to seeing him and I think runescape is one of the games in Connor's mind.

Rue said...

Hi Jules :)

What a sweet little one!

I miss mine being small too. My son is 18 and my daughter is going to be 13 soon. Oh to hold their little baby selves just once more :)