Friday, March 14, 2008


okay my mums dog Winnie is sick poor Winston he is such a good little fellow
he drives my mum crazy and she loves him to bits.That him on her Edwardian chaise
he is you must understand a very posh dog-Get well winnie
he sat by my fathers side throughout his long battle with cancer he deserves to get well.
While you are giving winston your best have a peek at my mums house Peasblossoms cottage.
and here is a peek of the poshest bathroom i know complete with Latin phrase upon the wall
(an idea stolen from me but lovely all the same)


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Poor winnie! Hope he feels better soon. I love your mom's chaise. And the wall words look great. Great idea from her darling daughter!

Dolly said...

Ouuu moms house looks pretty!

Hugz to Winnie....hope he is feelin better soon!

Hugz, Dolly

Katrina Chambers said...

Sorry to hear about Winnie. My dog is called Winnie too (although she is a girl poodle/shitzu)!!

Laurie said...

Get better Winston! Jules you mom has a beautiful home too. I see where you get your creativity from.

Cottage Rose said...

I hope the dog is better!
I love your blog, or what I have seen so far. After dinner I will take some time out to browse. I love your kitchen, you have alot of similar pieces to me, I am assuming you are Aussie as well?


Cottage Rose said...

You are Aussie and not far from me...Hawkesbury.

I spent over an hour reading your blog and it has been decreed (LOL)anything you find at Vinnies Springwood is mine first ok LOLOL ** I lurvee the retro linen shop at Glenbrook, it is my favourite op shop ever, I spend hours swooning over the linen.


Peta said...

Happy Easter Jules! Poor Winnie, get well soon.