Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I collect collections

Does anyone know where i can go to a CA meeting i need help lol
I joined a swapbot swap that you have to show your collections.
Sounds easy hey but how was i to know im such a collector (i know i did know i must
have known but i wasnt going to admit it)
Okay here goes i collect
Old toys
old keys
old kitchenalia
old cupie dolls
is there a theme going here
old china
old books
old men (nah gotchya just jokin)
vintage buttons and sewing items (hate sewing but)
Dices,and marbles and old cereal toys
vintage party things like noise makers clickers candles party baskets
anything teeny tiny
sons (i have 4)
rolling pins
scottie dogs
miniature cars
miniature playing cards
vintage christmas items
tapestry handbags (i hang these on my wall)
craft stuff
vintage cards
okay are you getting the picture here i am truly in need of guidance
or the name of some more op shops to gather more !
this is all i can think of (she hangs her head in shame)
oh oh tiny birds, bluebirds ,nests, eggs
and did i forget my gingerbread men
oh its an illness i see it now and i love the house tidy
i am my own worst enemy.Be brave and have a peek
oh Indian dolls i forgot tiny indian dolls with sideglancing eyes and golliwogs (sorry shannon)

I have been asked about the little room below it is actually a walk in plate pantry i had built a few years ago when we renovated.I put a french door on it so you could see all the shelves
and there is a light inside.Its very handy you walk in and can choose what you want.
Its the size of a walk in pantry.I got it built accross the corner maximising space.Its also great to hide in and scare the cats lol freaks them right out,


Dolly said...

Julie your collections are wonderful!
Beautifully displayed!

I won't even start to tell you what I collect!

Hugz, Dolly

P.S. I miss seeing you!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Jullie - I love all of your collections!!

Shab-n-Chic said...

Wow, and I thought I had it bad! heehee...great things, and I LOVE that glass paned door that leads to your treasure room..what is in that room anyway???

the featherednest said...

I wonder if it would be fun to collect old men? Probably not - they most likely require a bit of tending to LOL! You do have a lot of collections! That shot of the room with the french door looks like a china shop! So many lovely plates and cups!


debbie said...

oh dear - lol! i thought i had a lot of collections. you WIN!!!! =) debbie

Peta said...

I am with you Jules, I don't even want to think about how many collections I have. I even have some collections that I didn't know I was collecting, like trinket boxes and cream jugs!