Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is life without Fairy bread and Glitter

I got my friend Shannon (paintminepink blog see sidebar)
in a Tussie swap and made her this tussie.She loved it thank goodness
My DH was afraid she or the cats will ingest the glass glitter (of which there is much to my delight and his horror)Me I'm willing to risk it I mean whats life without fairy bread and glitter-Right ?
I mean i dont climb mountains or jump out of planes so if glitter is living dangerously then Im in ,just call me Jullie Dangermouse.
Thats neils evil nemesis below next to the rabbit in the pretty bottle
Ahhh glass glitter gotta love it

25 cent rabbits and Swapbot visitors welcome

Well he had a broken ear but he looked at me.I knew he wanted to come home
and who wouldnt love that face.I know I know he had a broken ear,but i am not
perfect are you Who are we to judge this little waif.25 cents i thought why not
the Easter mantle next year will welcome him.

Also welcome to my swapbot visitors as i joined a blog love swap to share your blog.
My friends will know i am addicted to swapping (NO not husbands) its fun and i love it.
So welcome Tami,Jennifer,Sue,Joanne and Cassie or as they are know on the bot
Tamiknits, Roseylittlethings (love that name !)Suefitz, Joswaps and Coco8199
me im Shabbyjules who else would i be !Anyway welcome to my swapbot friends.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Help my Gingerbread men are breeding !

Well i suppose there must be gingerwomen as well
cause they live in a huge old bowl on my butchers block island
in the kitchen.
And they are breeding
every time i look theres another one,
they are following me home.
Its quite disconcerting really !
lucky im an addict of collections (and chocolate as im very small and very very round like little Miss Pepperpot)
as i could see me being a drug addict or alcoholic so perhaps childrens old toys
and gingerbread men etc are far far safer as addictions go.
But where will it all end hold on is that cinnamon i can smell and ginger..........

Friday, October 12, 2007

My room moving binge

Well a few weeks ago now (and i am still not over the horror) i moved our home office (well neil calls it the ready room i call it the craft room) with our spare room.These are at opposite ends of the house and caused a huge amount of chaos.You see Neil and i were squashed into a small room while the spare room sat in a big space and was just a mess. It made more sense to me to have more room where we spend the most time and have a small sweet guest room.I am very happy with the results.
I still have a few tweaks but am all in all happy the way they have turned out. By the way the a in scrap has now been secured to the wall could have been worse (like the S missing for instance)

Tussie Mussie

Here is the Tussie i made for sweet Linda of Raspberry Roses blog who was my partner in the swapbot swap i hosted and also a member of prettychic yahoo group my online teaparty at anytime day or night.I had such fun making this and i just knew that resin glove that fell off something an age ago would be used one day.She likes pink roses and Victorian and deserves a treat after what this year has thrown at her.

Busy Busy spring time

Hi everyone in my blogging world,I havent been here for a while
i have been busy spring cleaning,here in Australia after a cold winter spring is already hot and now I'm dreading summer.WE already had a bushfire in the valley next to us on the first day of the bushfire season.Why i wonder is it a wildfire in the U.S but a bushfire in Australia.Anyway whatever i got the cleaning bug which is eating into my fun time but still never stop a cleaning spurt when it finally come upon you.
I just finished the noticeboard insert to my fabulous wall cabinet i got off Sue at shabby transitions.I love the printed toile i used for the insert and thanks Alex for the whiteboard that just happened to be almost the right size when i got the idea.
Not that poor Alex stood a chance when his mother was having a creative flash of brilliance.So here is my noticeboard i wanted it for the sweet little tags that i receive as well as make and my friendship hearts.