Tuesday, October 23, 2007

25 cent rabbits and Swapbot visitors welcome

Well he had a broken ear but he looked at me.I knew he wanted to come home
and who wouldnt love that face.I know I know he had a broken ear,but i am not
perfect are you Who are we to judge this little waif.25 cents i thought why not
the Easter mantle next year will welcome him.

Also welcome to my swapbot visitors as i joined a blog love swap to share your blog.
My friends will know i am addicted to swapping (NO not husbands) its fun and i love it.
So welcome Tami,Jennifer,Sue,Joanne and Cassie or as they are know on the bot
Tamiknits, Roseylittlethings (love that name !)Suefitz, Joswaps and Coco8199
me im Shabbyjules who else would i be !Anyway welcome to my swapbot friends.

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awww Julles you ole softy :)
I would have had to take him home too. Look at that sweet lil' face.