Friday, October 12, 2007

Busy Busy spring time

Hi everyone in my blogging world,I havent been here for a while
i have been busy spring cleaning,here in Australia after a cold winter spring is already hot and now I'm dreading summer.WE already had a bushfire in the valley next to us on the first day of the bushfire season.Why i wonder is it a wildfire in the U.S but a bushfire in Australia.Anyway whatever i got the cleaning bug which is eating into my fun time but still never stop a cleaning spurt when it finally come upon you.
I just finished the noticeboard insert to my fabulous wall cabinet i got off Sue at shabby transitions.I love the printed toile i used for the insert and thanks Alex for the whiteboard that just happened to be almost the right size when i got the idea.
Not that poor Alex stood a chance when his mother was having a creative flash of brilliance.So here is my noticeboard i wanted it for the sweet little tags that i receive as well as make and my friendship hearts.


Dolly said...

Mmmmmm such a lovely vignette!

That cabinet is beautiful!
You did a great job!
Is the christening gown a family heirloom?

I'd love to see more pictures of your home! :-)

Hugz, Dolly

Sue said...

Finally, I have been waiting to see what a wonderful display the cabinet would make...It looks great, you did a wonderful job, and Id like to see more too!
P.S Wish I had kept that cabinet now!!!


Julles you know i looooove that cabinet to pieces. That fabric is gorgeous hey! I think i may steal that cabinet when i pop up next.....hee hee

good job luvvie


Laurie said...

I love it!! You did a great job!