Sunday, June 15, 2014

Twas a cold and crafty day

Cold here in the cottage so what can one do but make tags. Tags are such fun big special ones like these are a gift in themselves to hang off a door or cupboard or even a brass bed, they are just a romantic notion and what other reason do you need . This one i made with a lace pocket on the front and two small tags tucked in.


Lorelle said...

You always make such beautiful tags. So very pretty. I have kept every one of the ones you have given me, they really are a treasure. When I'm on a down day they're one of my chear-me-ups. You are a most talented crafts woman as well as a lovely person. All the best Jullie.

Ros said...

You do stunning work. Just love your tags

Maureen said...

I Love your tags Jullie They are fantastic and so pretty do you sell them at markets or on ebay as you should