Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Christmas is coming or Op shop hopping

Well Happy Day for me yesterday when i ducked into my favourite Op shop (ok ok they are all my favourite how can you choose between children or Op shops) . October i have come to know is the start of the great Christmas Op shop hunt, Every year bags of decorations get put out the good the bad the down right revolting. Usually each bag contains a bit of all.Yesterday on my first hunt of the season i scored these, a few are  new most are vintage and very heavy and i sang all the way home.With me it has to be vintage and after having a family of four sons you do wonder how any ornaments outlast several childhoods.Anyway its an auspicious start to the hunting season and i haven't been this excited since i found a gang of chenille Santa's in the same shop two years ago.Anyway good luck to those on the hunt for vintage as long as you stay away from my shop.

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