Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of spring -Fathers day

My Dearest Dad as always on the first day of spring my thoughts will be always and forever with you, So dramatic dad to fly free from this earth on the first day of spring, This year it also fell on fathers day.I guess now i know love does go on for i shall never stop missing you. i no longer cry as much and sometimes when i do its from good thoughts of you. I see you in my sons in their stubbornness ,In Tim's Fishing and love of motorbikes. In Matts inventiveness the way he plans a project and sees it through from idea to creation, In Alex's walk in his love of gemstones and in Joels sense of humor .So i know you are not truly gone,I miss your voice the way you mispronounced words and called me by my sisters name,I miss your stories of when you were young and life was harder than hard.I miss your yodeling and the way you fixed things for me.You were quite a man to leave the hole you did,If my sons ever love me half as much as you were loved i will be a lucky mother. So dad in heaven i see the new buds all around and the little birds singing and i know you are around Happy Fathers dad my sweet old dad i love you more than i can say xx

Happy fathers day to my son Tim also who has become such a great dad i am so proud of him,

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