Friday, March 29, 2013


I always wanted on of them musical birdcages with the singing bird inside.A few months ago i found one in the Op shop for four dollars .(since then its been tripped over set aside and hidden under my bed).I was waiting for the right time to transform it and complete the ugly ducking to swan transition . Who knew that time would be at 2 am this morning when i lay away alone in the flat.But there you go that's life and art.It was fiddly and im not at all happy with the bird but its the only one i had and much better than the dead looking one that was in there,When i found it it looked much worse than the pictures show.A seventies nightmare in floral yuk I am sure we had wallpaper like that ugh and orange not my favourite colour,So now its done,I adore that paper i did the drawer on- its by Kaiser and has little file drawers all over it.had to 3d one so it looked open a crack with things hanging out.
these pictures do not convey the creepiness factor hehe

and yes that's fuzzy orange and plastic flowers

Ahh thats better

side view with Tag attached

Loving this Kaiser paper Im going to get more,

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