Saturday, November 24, 2012

The road to Tackyville (its shiny there)

Have you ever noticed the fine line between Glitz (which can be elegant) and Tacky (which will never be elegant) Glitz can whisper it can shimmer and subtly woo you but Tacky yells and sometimes giggles. I should know about that line particularly at Christmas because my friends i have been known to fall off it .And yes i have played on the tacky side and it was shiny there but alas i can never stay after a while it makes me ill.I know you know what i mean for i have seen you there cavorting too.You know you are on the line when you stand in a shop saying to yourself do i like that ? Is that nice or is it tacky?There is definitely a place for Tackiness but its not at my house,i enjoy it at someone elses for a while.I do however like magical at Christmas even whimsical and give me a theme every time,My theme is always nostalgic as i am a lover of vintage and memories,So although i yearn to have an all white on green theme i cannot do it as i have so many decorations that mean more to me than my love of white.,My table theme for this year will be silver and white,I have bought organza chair bows and silver sleigh bells I am working on napkins havent found the perfect ones yet and i have silver bon bons.I also have not decided upon favor boxes (and i have to have favor boxes at each place) So many decisions,So next time i fall of that line and end up on the road to Tackyville if you should see me wave and help me back home,

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