Monday, August 27, 2012

Winter Blues and Crafting storms

Have had the winter blues getting one virus after another,Still i have been crafting up a veritble storm whilst feeling under the weather.Ideas off Pinterest become things to make,I am never bored and always busy,
My first try at a seedmans purse

Made from one sheet scrapping paper folded no cutting

Addictive i am making more

Here is the latest from my studio corner where there has been the odd Bedalanche or two lately.What is a Bedalanche i hear you ask ,Well my crafting corner is right next to my bed so the crafting overflow from my tiny desk builds when i am working on several projects and spreads down one edge of my bed.Sooner rather than later this mountain of supplies starts to slide and a Bedalanche is the result.This ends in a total clean and organize so its like Home beautiful for a while (say until the next project!) Ah a Crafters life is not easy.The Seedmans purse is a fabulous trick to master and although the first can be tricky after that you can make them blindfolded,Its all in the decorating like most things and the tutorial is here  Have fun.
The tag was for a swap that had to feature a blue moon  and my partner loves Marie so i combined the two,



vivian said...

Love that little seedmans purse and the banner at the end! so pretty!
you have been busy. I forget that its winter where you are.. but you should be seeing spring popping around the corner soon... as fall is knocking at our door here.
have a great week!

Lorelle said...

Love it all, especially the tags. Beautiful. Even when your sick you still make beautiful craft. Hope you continue to getwell and stay well.