Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Have you been PInsperated yet?

 No secret round here that i love pinterest. I am sure that there are men out there citing Pinterest as the third party in divorce proceedings hehe, what man can compete with zillions of decorating cooking and craft ideas there for the taking,You go into the zone and dont come out for hours! I have definitely been Pinspired to craft better and differently since pinterest,. Ah what an age we live in when you can be taken away so completely-absorbing many new ideas along the way .The birthday card i made for a friend and the canvas is my first and i am planning more.So many ideas i need more supplies (okay okay i have enough stash to see me through a few great depressions) I do need more but like i need to breath..I love everything about papercraft from the doing to the supplies.I love them in pretty boxes and lovely baskets,Even an old cheese box procured by my son Tim long ago.I love sorting and arranging my stash.Winding old french seam binding ribbon onto old wooden reels yep i just love it.So here is the latest from my craft corner.
My first altered canvas titled Wish !

Wording says-The Garden of life offers a thousand miracles!
Birthday card  I made for a friend.
My ever changing Inspiration board

Heart swap from Cheryl Jones (shabbypinkchic) swapbot

Love storing supplies in vintage containers

See what i mean there are treasures here !

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Lorelle said...

Jullie as usual your crafting is beautiful. I called Miss Maddie over to my computer to have a look and she loves your art. We will have to get together again soon and if its ok Maddie would love to come too. I told her how beautiful your home is and your crafting area. You are very talented and an inspiration.