Sunday, June 17, 2012

Delicious Tags

I am in a few tag swaps at the moment ,No not your write on chuck away type but sighable ones,Tags to hang up and keep,Not long ago i received a very sighable inspiration tag. Like other tags before it .it now hangs upon my noticeboard and makes me smile,It came along with a darling vintage millinery bird which my cat alas also has a yearning for,Sooner or later i will just need a rose or some vintage lace that is on this tag and it shall be used in other projects which is what these sort of tags are for,The other tags are just for decoration and of course to make you smile or sigh,So here's a few pics.

Its the little things-tiny snail atop a flower.

I love to add dimension and details such as the tiny birds nest to my work,

Front of an altered Altoid tin Theme-Alice in wonderland

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