Monday, December 12, 2011

Capturing a Fairy Ballerina isnt easy

Well not on film anyway. Of course lured by a lolly or a hug she can usually be held still for a minute at least. but get the camera out and you are left with the corner of a tutu or an empty space where she was flitting about a moment ago. My god daughter needed ballerina shoes and a new tutu as she had been quick to tell me (she and i share a bond about such things) She has started ballet classes and she loves them,So anyway as i am under  her spell i did as ordered .here is the moments i did manage to capture of my little fairy ballerina in her new tutu and shoes.The shoes as i explained to her were made specially by the fairies and left in my fairy teapot for her.The tutu was from far away across the seas (china).
The result was a ballerina with a diva attitude.

See is it just me or is she adorable.


Junk-it Junction... said...

Hasnt she grown! Very cute, oh and adorable too!

Linda said...

How positively sweet! :)

Amanda said...

Thats one cute diva!

ladychiara said...

Wonderful photos and YES she IS adorable! You are making such magical memories for her Jules!