Friday, January 22, 2010

Okay i confess i break things.You know why i break things (just ask my husband) cause i am a fiddler and a creator and i have too much imagination. Yep i am never happy cause i finish a project and there is that one little bit that is not quite perfect and so i fiddle fiddle until the little imperfection is now a huge one and so then i have to find the right something to stick over the mess and then no i don't like that.So the whole thing goes in the bin and i have to start over.Know what i mean ?
Or i get an idea that if only i can put this (whatever) on another (whatever) it doesn't belong to then i can make something great.Its not meant to go there says hubby,it isnt meant for that,its the wrong size you will break it if you force it.
Well sometimes he is wrong you know and i manage the impossible and i am happy.Mostly i end up breaking the whatevers and or maiming myself. Then he is happy cause he right.So why do i do it ,why cant i leave things alone.But if i left them alone i wouldn't end up with some of the good things i have made.Ahh its a conundrum alright.Life must be so easy for the uncreative surely!


vivian said...

I love it when Im right and my husband is wrong, which incidently is all the time. LOL!
life with out creativity? how boring it would be!
have a great weekend♥

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Wow! That can be a problem. Coming from the uncreative section, I wish I had it! Keep up the good work, break it if it needs breaking! Blessings, Martha

Glenda said...

you sound so much like me Jules, just one more piece and yes my hubby is always right too you ask him he will tell you,. love ya Glenda

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am guilty of "Oh, I will just make it look a little nicer"... and whammo!

I too sobbed like a baby when I watched UP. :)