Thursday, October 29, 2009

I won her in a Party Hat swap

Thats my friend Lisa I won her once in a vintage party Hat swap.
Then i found out she was pretty darn wonderful so i thought i would keep her.
for maybe forever!Heres the Hat i made her that started it all off

and then well we just kept going,quite a few matchbox swaps and xmas swaps an inchie swap and soon a Christmas Tussie swap.She is the best most sweetest swapper ever and always goes that extra mile to surprise me no matter how many swaps we do.
In our inchie swap she presented them in a bound envelope style book with what looked like a hundred coloured ribbons hanging off the binding.Its everything about her that makes me smile and it always is wrapped or packaged so sweetly that your heart skips a beat.

Lisa lives in America her blog is Lisa Laughs
anyway see what the internet does to you .If i had never signed up for the vintage party hat swap on Flickr vintage ephemera group i would never have got Lisa and my world would have missed a lot of whimsicality and that ,that just doesn't bear thinking about.This world needs more of the whimsical ,Im doing my part are you doing yours !


Lorelle said...

Beautiful words and images Jullie as usuall. I enjoy visiting your blog.

LisaLaughs said...


You are so sweet!! And that is why I love to spoil you!! :o) I am so touched by your sweet words, and feel like I don't deserve you as my dear swap friend. Opening one of your packages islike Christmas morning, only better because I know I am going to LOVE the treasures inside!! Big Hugs to You, Friend!!!!
Lisa :o)