Monday, February 9, 2009

The Tears of a nation

This week our nation as a whole is mourning the lives lost and the lives changed from the Victorian bushfire disaster.Its hard to comprehend just the size of this disaster.The toll rises and every time i hear it climbs ever higher its around 200 now.We as a nation are used to bushfire's they are part and parcel of living in this great country.But this year with temperatures as high as 118 degrees for not one day but days on end the summer has turned red with the blood of our people.We have had some of our states sweltering in the heat and people dying from heat stress,while others like Victoria and parts of NSW fighting fires fanned by hot winds,Then we have Queensland devastated by floods.Is it global warming if so i fear the future,

Its all made worse by the drought that has ravaged the countryside.To think that some of these fires were deliberately lit is beyond me.To think what man can do to man has always scared me.They should be charged with mass murder.Whole towns have been lost, people fleeing in their cars full of children have crashed and been burnt in the blink of an eye.That firemen stand to face walls of fire to me is beyond bravery.Stories of people who have lost all yet not stopping to feel sorry but running to try and save their neighbours houses,these are stories of great courage as is the fireman and emergency crews who have had no sleep in days.What man can do to help man has always amazed me !

Together we pray and together we cry and hopefully together we shall rally to ease the pain of thoe who survived with nothing but memories .To those who have lost loved ones and homes and pets and to the wildlife gone and homeless my heart expands and cannot hold my feelings.I pray as i cry for a healing of my land and its people that the bushfire moon will cease to be seen and in its place a soothing light will shine like hope upon those who need to see it most.


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

OH Jules, I am heartbroken for the loss of lives and destruction that your country has faced. The bravery of those firemen and the compassion of the ones who have lost and continue to try to help others is so touching. I pray that these fires will end soon.
Lots of love,

vivian said...

I know,, I've been watching the news.. and I've prayed for those fires to go out. HOw terrible sad.. ♥

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

So many people are affected it is intangiable.
Everyone nearly knows someone who has lost everything.
It is so tragic,
But these tiny communities are made up of amazing spirit and they will rise from the rubble united.
Peace and prayers to all.

Cottage Rose said...

All Australians will stand united to help these people overcome the most horrible tragedy that anyone could endure.
RIP to all those who stood to fight the unfightable and lost the battle and to all those poor children who had no chance, may their eternity as angels bring them peace.

Rhondamum said...

My heart breaks every time I hear the updates on this tragic time. It is big news here in the states and my prayers are with you all! I think of you every time I hear about it. I hope that you are well and safe and not in any danger. Please write soon! Love and God Bless! R...

Country Wishes said...

Beautifully said as usual Julles.
May the rain fall.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jules....
Words fail me.... :(
You all are in my prayers.
Love to You, Your Family & Your Countrymen,

Glenda said...

its just to sad for words ya glenda

Mimi said...

I've been keeping abreast of the news about the fires that have ravished your lovely country. From the bottom of my heart, please accept my sincere condolences concerning the loss of human life, the loss of countryside, the loss of animal life. I can't imagine how horrible it must be or how deep your sorrow.