Sunday, March 25, 2007

My four sons

This is my favourite picture taken a few years ago well quite a few

alex was 6 so that makes it ummm

8 years ago just before Matt left home.Matthew the eldest is the scholar,the ringleader in his brothers childhood escapades of which there were many.Timothy the biggest on the right blonde hair is the maniac and the one ALWAYS to get hurt in them escapades.And now he drives a car yup its a worry.Joel flat haircut is a huge reader like matt very quiet and i miss him terribly now he has moved,great thoughtfull present buying son.And Alexander my baby now 13 almost 14 is the one with Aspergers and what a journey he has dragged me on,also sweet a writer as is matt and sometimes Joel and an artistic creative boy.there they are and in my heart of hearts this is the picture i will always have of my sons.

My heart is filled with words

If you always do what you have always done
then you will always be what you've always been"
Enough to make me leave my first husband after 18years
The soul would have no rainbow
if the eyes had no tears
made me realise that its possible to trust again
May the road rise up to meet you.May the wind be always at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face;the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
traditional gaelic blessing
Memories are a haunting of the heart
old indian saying
Can an den medhow
in the winter remember the spring

Here is the santa cupboard

Old oak writing bureau

folds down to use hidey holes top houses many of my santa collection pieces old and new

i made the wooden angel swag,

Emmi-lou sweetheart and a bitch and head of our home

Joel at 21

Christensen is one of my favourite artists

Butchers block

here is my ebay butchers

block neil forbid me to bid on it

now if only i was an obedient wife !

besides as i explained to him had god not wanted me to have it

i would have been outbid.

dresser in loungeroom

Family room

Here is my family room
view through servery to kitchen

Printers tray

Here is my printers
tray in my family room,
it has tiny black dolls
with sideglancing eyes and bits and pieces.

Fainting lounge

Heres my favourite

thing my edwardian fainting lounge

when my mum and dad moved house a few years ago they couldnt fit everything i scored ther little tray mobile and the fainting lounge chandelier was my trash and treasure bargain 2 for $24

The big picture was vinnies find $8 and the bags on the wall are all tapestry courtesy ebay and vinnies.

MY wall words

I have always had an afinity with words always a writer from a child

poetry mainly ,serious and funny.I love to read words ,write

words and i sure like to speak em.I found a place

on ebay that does any phrase you want like giant letraset you rub it onto the all.Here ios my first one will post bedroom one later/

Kitchen dresser

heres my favourite kitchen piece

we found this at a second hand yard from 1920

it has the original ice chest inside it had been pulled out of an old house there was no side 0r back as it was built in,so we built it in and the kitchen grew around it.It holds heaps of stuff in on and inside it.The bird knobs i found on ebay from baltimore and since i adore tiny birds i had to have em.

Dads Window

The leadlight window was made by my dad

he was very ill with the cancer and he worried it wasnt perfect,it is perfect for me i love it, it reminds me of dad now hes gone It is colourfull like the life he led.

Christmas 2006

I forgot i adore christmas this is my rose room