Sunday, March 25, 2007

My four sons

This is my favourite picture taken a few years ago well quite a few

alex was 6 so that makes it ummm

8 years ago just before Matt left home.Matthew the eldest is the scholar,the ringleader in his brothers childhood escapades of which there were many.Timothy the biggest on the right blonde hair is the maniac and the one ALWAYS to get hurt in them escapades.And now he drives a car yup its a worry.Joel flat haircut is a huge reader like matt very quiet and i miss him terribly now he has moved,great thoughtfull present buying son.And Alexander my baby now 13 almost 14 is the one with Aspergers and what a journey he has dragged me on,also sweet a writer as is matt and sometimes Joel and an artistic creative boy.there they are and in my heart of hearts this is the picture i will always have of my sons.

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Peta said...

Gorgeous boys, Jullie!