Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yesterday he was only 4 now he is a husband !

Congratulations are in order ,I am a mother-in-law  why do they call it that awful name,
Seems to me after witnessing the Marriage of my son Tim to his beautiful bride Megan it should be mother-in-love
As they are -so in love i mean just as it should be.The day at Mt Tomah botanical gardens was just too perfect.
Well actually it was just perfect enough.The groom was handsome the bride looked like a princess and the wedding party looked like a film set against the background of our beautiful Blue Mountains.
The mothers cried and when they played Guy Sebastions" Angels brought me here ",one mother really cracked (hmm it could have been me) .You see yesterday he was only four ,so full of life and trouble and hugs.Now he is a man ( and he is her problem now hehe) I guess i did my job really and what a job that was. I cant believe the happiness a mother holds when her children find THE ONE and you know at last they are truly happy.He did
he found the one and what a lovely one she is , I am a lucky mother-in law I finally have a daughter (in-law, in-love) after four sons she was a long time coming.
see In the blink of an eye it happened ( I guess 10 years will do that to sons! )