Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Too long

Looking just like Santa's workshop in here loving these Spoolies so cute and vintagey

Oh my its been Christmas on my blog well since last Christmas what a terrible blogger i am .Life has been very busy here at the cottage,We have had an antique fair which i had a stall at along with mum and my friend Cheryl i even sold more than i bought both of which were fun. I made vintage style christmas decorations for it and i was i admit very proud of them i also sold a lot of things i am letting go of. Alex and I also helped with our local Grace Community church Spring Fair,I guess all in all Alex and i have settled here and we belong,

You have to love German glass glitter and mica flakes.

I call these standees they are large 3d decorations with stands,
OK That.s me hiding behind my stall at the fair,

See who followed me home celluloid and in mint condition

In love with this 1940,s Fairy doll <Made in britain and only i would have just happened to have a wand the perfect size for the hole in her hand,

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