Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Too long

Looking just like Santa's workshop in here loving these Spoolies so cute and vintagey

Oh my its been Christmas on my blog well since last Christmas what a terrible blogger i am .Life has been very busy here at the cottage,We have had an antique fair which i had a stall at along with mum and my friend Cheryl i even sold more than i bought both of which were fun. I made vintage style christmas decorations for it and i was i admit very proud of them i also sold a lot of things i am letting go of. Alex and I also helped with our local Grace Community church Spring Fair,I guess all in all Alex and i have settled here and we belong,

You have to love German glass glitter and mica flakes.

I call these standees they are large 3d decorations with stands,
OK That.s me hiding behind my stall at the fair,

See who followed me home celluloid and in mint condition

In love with this 1940,s Fairy doll <Made in britain and only i would have just happened to have a wand the perfect size for the hole in her hand,

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Christmas Cottage

I was so excited to decorate this year for Christmas my new friend Cheryl whom i love is also a Christmas nut so between us we were building up for a special christmas.I had not one but two mantles to decorate and nothing says Christmas better than an old house,

One of my favourite vignettes  my bedroom with newly revamped hall chair at foot of the bed,
Love my tiny feather tree which houses my collection of vintage chenille ornaments
I later added the kewpie banner i made  which spells out believe in kewpies
My mantle forest

The moon sheds its light on the little forest village

Trees sprout everywhere at our house they turn up in teapots

in silver creaners

Even on the top of toy drums
Yes Virginia there is magic in the very name of Christmas

Snowmen look on at the tree that sprouts form the vintage hatbox

The kitchen tree is a gingerbread themed one the old microscope box  decoupaged years ago,

Another favourite vignette

Love this cloche from my friend Irene covering a real birds nest'
The gang with mum

Alex and Teegan


I love crafting tags they are just sweet and i love them also been making christmas cards and santas etc so here is my crafting lastest.
vintage christmas tag in pastel

My first step card

Swap tag them was travel all the bags are 3d

Mauve Fairy card for a friend

Altered altoid tin swap

Everyone on my list got a naughty tag this year

German glass glittered santa wall hanging

 Card i made Alexs girlfriend Teegan which has an elfish Alex on it

This years family cards with my Sophia on front i printed these on canvas

Just about my favourite Christmas image

Theme for this swap was Lace i thought it lent well to vintage christmas

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Im late im late and not a white rabbit in sight !

Ahh dear blog i have neglected thee of late and im sorry,Here i find it New years eve and yet its is still spring here on my blog so a catch up is in order before the new year begins,
First and foremost my dear little grand daughter Sophia has started ballet this year and even got a trophy that she is very proud of,
shh Dont tell but this is her birthday dress  i bought for her is it not divine,

Sunday, August 31, 2014

First day of spring

 Ok my darling dad as always on the first day of spring i think of you.for love made you wings and it was on this first day of spring you flew away.I was not sorry that you went i knew you were tired of the fight. So many years and tears and still i miss your stubborn self. But today i am going to listen to the great Dr Seuss and smile because you were my dad and how lucky was I  !

Monday, August 11, 2014


Today on the way back from visiting my son Matt at Queanbeyan we took a little detour to visit the tiny town of Collector population four hundred and something,i adore these little towns steeped in history with their old pubs and churches.Besides what collector could resist a town named Collector. As soon as we arrived we were startled by this unusual and beautiful sculpture,I rather think of it as a folly myself but it certainly was mysterious and magical.It has a medieval feel to it and standing there you see hands and a reclining figure are sculpted into the wall. Apparently there's a demolition order out for it that has been an ongoing fight since 1997 when the sculpture was built as a testament to the artists fathers life It is made of concrete and chicken wire  and i cant ,help feeling its a shame that everyone wants everything all neat and tidy and approved.i doubt Stonehenge would meet council approval these days, I'm glad i saw it im glad i detoured off to the road less traveled.It was a little discovery !

Collector itself
is a tiny town and i am thinking that many collectors live there too.
Old houses and two churches  a pub of course this is Australia.we are talking about. i love these little country towns,,


Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Dream of Roses tag

Twas a cold and crafty day

Cold here in the cottage so what can one do but make tags. Tags are such fun big special ones like these are a gift in themselves to hang off a door or cupboard or even a brass bed, they are just a romantic notion and what other reason do you need . This one i made with a lace pocket on the front and two small tags tucked in.