Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Sweet Aussie Artist Giveaway

BUT..this is not just any old giveaway...WE'RE TALKING HUGE HERE!
she has rounded up the best of the best Aussie Girls here to bring you a giveaway full of SOOOO MUCH GORGEOUS-NESS you wont believe your eyes!
Even i made something -A sweet and sinister tussie to add to the goodies.There is
so much sweetness you just may dribble, so pop on over to shannons b;log Paintminepink and leave a comment.
who knows you could be a big winner of many lovely things.

Princess Maddison Poses

Well i was lucky enough to have a visit from a real
life fairy today.My friend Cecily came with my baby Maddison.
I am Maddison's favourite Aunt (she knows this as i tell her all
the time !) I got to play dollies on my bed with her.Ever since Maddy was born i have
wanted to tutu and pearl her up and here she is !I thouight my vintage pale pink bedspread the perfect foil for her..
Isn't she just the cutest thing with or without her wings ?
This post wouldnt be complete without showing you Maddys royal brother King Caleb,
when Maddy was born i bought her a tiny princess plastic tiara that said princess,Caleb was envious and wanted a crown and so i made one put of gold cardboard and several stick on gems and he was shall i say disgusted.You see Maddys crown was real (hard plastic) and i had just made a pretend crown.After much searching and considerable outlay a REAL CROWN of hard plastic was procured ($2 aT THE $2 SHOP) HIs highness was at last appeased !

Friday, September 12, 2008

Camera fun in panorama

Just a few Panoramas Neil took in our house .
He could have waited till i cleaned the kitchen lol
it wasn't visitor ready at all but since you lot are friends
why just come on in !The shelf is in my purpose built in vintage
Plate pantry (my own idea that i really love)And before any of you ask them cups sit there year after year and have never fallen.No not even when a short plump lady(Resembling somewhat little Miss Pepperpot) hid in there to scare the family cats.The Pink room is just a walk through sitting room
with a fainting lounge and old treadle sewing machine it also houses the plate pantry.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fabulous Fall ephemera Tussies

Well here is my Fantabuloso swap from the wonderful Rhonda she really outdid herself.
I was so excited when i opened this it Really was like christmas only
Santa ,you would think would ever know how you love vintage tickets and
latin flash cards and french ones and teeny tiny vintage cards and and and
well sooo much and all i love .There is a cheque from 1905 and some old
accounts from the 1940's Tickets to the worlds fair.Tickets tickets to everywhere !
There are photographs and vintage needles.A whole set of stamps to create my own
Aussie Halloween.There is a bird Tussie with button trim,vintage game pieces its all too nice.Alex stole a genuine American lollypop and took it to school.Its my trove of treasures.Thankyou thankyou Rhonda.Check out her etsy store where she sells these vintage fancies (no you cant have her she is mine and i already said im keeping her) I mean i loved her before i saw her etsy but i didnt love her less after thats for sure.
Thanks again Rhonda you are the best !

Brambles at last for my Brambly Cottage

At last there are brambles coming to my Brambly Cottage.Since i named out little cottage some 8 years ago its Bramble less state has been a concern to me.At last
I have not just a gate and a picket fence (which one should always have to live happily ever after as you know)I now also have several climbing large and miniature roses that i am waiting to take over the said fence.There are a few flowers and i think by next spring we may be indeed a proper cottage yet.I also want raspberries and i would have blackberries but alas they are against the law here.Lavenders and daisies also will be here.I want a pastel theme which Neil refuses to understand at all.No i said the red geraniums are backyard plants i am having only pink and blue and white here.Here is the start of the brambles.I also have a wooden swing frame that we took from next doors front last council cleanup.Much to neil and Alexs disgust and i plan on climbing another rose all over it and hanging a rope swing as a garden feature,i think it will be lovely (they think as usual i am mad,we shall see) So now i have the cottage ,the picket fence and the two cottage window cats its all coming together.Now for the pumpkins that need to take over the yard hmm

Cold crazy Cat

You know its cold up in these thar hills when the cats come back inside and jump back into bed.
Our little Emmilou usually braves the worst weather but the cold got to her the other day and there she was toppled over fast asleep on the outside water heater.
She looked so funny i had to take a pic.

Princess parties are for big girls too !

"But mum she isnt seven !" this was my sons disgust at my buying
pink plates and napkins and trims for my Aunts 60th Birthday Lunch.
Now if anyone likes a good theme its Kathy my creative aunt.Those who know me know i MUST have a theme and then im happy !So i did the heart scatters and the cinderella coach on the cake and of course grown up treat bags.
there has to be take homes and she herself made the shabbiest chiccest cakes ever
and they looked so lovely on my stand.If a girl has to turn 60 i say turn 60 in pink
eat cake and be damned.Happy Birthday Aunt.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flckr vintage ephemera Tussie Mussie swap

This is what i sent my lovely partner Rhonda of Rhondamum blog.
She is a very fun partner and we like similar things.It was for a fall tussie Mussie swap.
We simply couldnt decide between halloween and a bird tussie so we did both.
Here are the ones I sent her ( pics compliments of her blog post thanks Rhonda)
IM SO GLAD SHE LIKED IT !I always forget to take photos in my excitement to send them off.